Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces of 2022 | Buying Guide!

Say goodbye to the maintenance hassle that traditional fireplaces require!
Thanks to the new trend of electric fireplaces you can get the same warmth to your home and also use it as a decorative element, avoiding embers and smoke all over the house.

Do you want to see an analysis of the best fireplaces on the market? Here we tell you the best of each one.


Best Electric Fireplaces of 2022


Decorate your space and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with the Castleon electric fireplace. Its LED display offers a realistic effect of flames and embers, integrating an image with firewood similar to a traditional fireplace.

Its cabinet has a delicate and light design, white color (between matte and satin), which combined with the 13 color modes it offers, will give your room an elegant and modern look. It has five adjustable levels of flame intensity and brightness, which you can choose for every occasion.

It is made according to the requirements of eco-design 2018 (to produce optimal energy efficiency), it is composed of a multifunctional thermostat heater that you can program and level for seven continuous days, having between 1 and 2 kw of temperature, serving as heating for your space.

Its dimensions, including the cabinet, are 85 x 1000 x 279 mm, making it a strong support, which you can use to place other objects, such as televisions, vases, photographs, audio equipment and more, without fear of damaging your fireplace.

The product includes: LED screen, white cabinet, batteries (2xAAA), remote control, power cable (1.7 m) and installation instructions. It is well worth buying!



Magical and cozy atmosphere.
Very realistic flames.
Comfortable warmth


Somewhat tedious to assemble.



Ideal for use as a decorative element in your living room or office, this electric fireplace is small in size (65 x 11.4 x 52 cm), making it a practical product to hang or embed between walls.

It is made of stainless steel and resistant tempered safety glass, which guarantees greater durability and protection of the product. Inside it has stones and a decorative flame in 7 different colors that provide you with a more comfortable and relaxing light as you need it.

Both the power (900 – 1,800 W) and voltage (220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz) are easy to adjust from your bed or sofa with the included remote control, to level the amount of heating you want. In addition, its electric stove automatically shuts off when it overheats, ensuring low consumption.

It is easy and fast to mount on the wall, includes instructions and power cable (1.5m). It is certified and approved by GS, CE, EMC and ROHS standards, combining beauty and safety for your space!



Beautiful and functional.
Heats up quickly and quickly.
Very easy to assemble and disassemble.


Must be screwed to the wall.



Mobile electric fireplace with vertical design, made of black sheet iron and tempered glass, composed of a protective window that you can open to enjoy flames and artificial firewood, similar to a real fireplace.

Its weight of only 8 kg and dimensions of 41.5 x 28 x 54.8 cm, make it easy to move to the place where you want to enjoy the heating. Its power (950 – 1,850 W), voltage (220 – 240 V) and brightness are manually adjustable, using the buttons located at the bottom, protected by a protective drawer.

To ensure the useful life of the product, its thermostat is able to control the temperature emitted by the fireplace, and it is very easy to install. If you have a small room and want heating, HomCom is a good choice!



It heats up very quickly.
The chimney effect is very realistic.


It is noisy. It’s not an unbearable sound, though. It’s like the hum of an air heater.



Large electric fireplace, perfect to provide heating in large rooms and at the same time give a modern style to your decor, thanks to the realism and flame effect that allows its LED display.

It is fixed to the wall, made of steel and tempered glass, for greater protection and durability. It is easy to install, because its dimensions (730 x 540 x 150 mm) and weight (12.7 kg), will fit almost any space in your home or office, also includes parts, screws and manual necessary for quality assembly.

It has adjustable levels of brightness and intensity of the flames as well as heating temperature, through remote control or manually, as needed. To provide greater safety, it includes protection against overheating, the best way to set the ambiance of your space!



The fire is very well achieved.
It has several levels of flame height / speed.
Super cozy atmosphere in the living room.


It is noisy. It’s not an unbearable sound, though. It’s like the hum of an air heater.



Electric fireplace that combines functionality, safety and elegance, to make your environments warmer, through an adjustable heating in power (900 – 1,800 W) and voltage (220 – 240 V).

It is made of solid metal and tempered glass with a thickness of 5 mm, which guarantee the protection of its LED display that provides a burning wood effect with adjustable brightness in five different modes, through a remote control (distance of 1.5m) or using the manual setting.

Its dimensions (65 x 11.4 x 52 cm) do not take up much space. Includes both instruction manual and all the necessary parts for fixing.

A practical product to give warmth to your spaces with a beautiful design that you will fall in love with!



Very easy to assemble.
Very realistic flames.
Programmable thermostat for days and hours.


Somewhat small for our taste. (65×11.4x52cm)



The Klarstein Grenoble electric fireplace is designed with an antique look and serves as an elegant addition to your home, crafted with a black metal shell that gives the appearance of a true heirloom.

Its LED display is the latest technology, providing a realistic image of the fire, for a warm light and cozy atmosphere. It is movable, has four wheels that make it easy to move to any place in the house where you want to enjoy it, without its weight (18 kg) or dimensions (61 x 67.5 x 24.5 cm) being an inconvenience.

It is powerful, as its temperature can reach up to 2000 W, having the capacity to heat large rooms. It has discreetly integrated buttons to manage the ignition and temperature intensity level. In addition, behind its grille, it has a heater for greater safety.

The Klarstein Grenoble Grenoble fireplace is easy to install, just place it in a suitable space, plug it in, and enjoy the warmth of the room.



It offers a nice home effect.
It has 3 powers.


Not recommended for very very large rooms.



With an incredible flame effect, the Danby Suite electric fireplace is made of tempered glass and accompanied by an off-white wooden cabinet that can be combined with any room.

Its installation is easy, fit the fireplace to the cabinet, give it the location you want and plug it in. For added enjoyment, it offers twelve background color options, three levels of flame brightness and temperature settings, all through an included remote control. It’s also programmable for seven continuous days with a shut-off schedule.

It is wide, so you need a good location space for the cabinet (1121 x 2876 x 288 mm). Its voltage is 220 – 240 V and power between 1 – 2 KW, so it serves as a complement to your heating, without high power consumption. It includes a power cable of 1.7 meters, to ensure the distance from the fireplace to the socket.

It has a safe and silent heater, located in the lower part of the cabinet, so you can use its upper part to place different decorative or frequently used objects. Give way to the elegance of your home with this beautiful fireplace!



Easy assembly.
Very realistic fire simulation.


Some noise (like that of a heater)



Versatile electric fireplace HomCom brand that offers you the possibility of dual use, one attached to the wall and one standing, thanks to its strong metal base. Both modes are resistant and stable, CSA and CE certified.

It is made of stainless steel and tempered glass for durability, with attractive flames similar to a real fireplace, thanks to its LED technology. Its silver color design will make it look perfect in any space of your home, such as bedrooms, dining room and others.

It includes a remote control to make adjustments (which you can also do manually) of ignition, graduation of the five levels of intensity with burning flame as well as the two levels of heat it offers (1000 and 2000 W) and voltage (220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 HZ).

Its weight 17.5 Kg and installation dimensions 90 x 9.5 x 56 cm, together with its 1.5 meter cable give you the ideal flexibility to mount it wherever you prefer. Keep your home warm and beautifully decorated with HomCom!



The flame effect is very similar to real fire
Functional. It has a base to put it wherever you want.


Not recommended for very large rooms.



Black electric fireplace with a delicate and elegant curved design, to create a warm atmosphere in your spaces. It perfectly imitates the flame in wood, reflected in its LED display that together with its temperature will give you the feeling of a real fireplace.

Its flames and heating can be used separately, so you can enjoy its heat without having to turn on the animation. Its ignition, voltage (230v), power (2000) and intensity, can be managed with the included remote control.

The wall mounting is simple, including installation and use manual, as well as the kit of parts for fixing. It has a weight of 18 kg and a size of 90 x 55 cm, measures to be taken into account to select the appropriate space on the wall. In addition, it has a thermostat that provides safety, an elegant option necessary for your enjoyment!



Flames and heating can be used separately.
Curved chimney.


Not recommended for very large rooms



We couldn’t let it go. We bring you the best for your home. And the best for your home, in short, are the elegant and magnificent Klarstein Kaprun electric fireplaces.

The newest on the market, elegant, modern, comfortable and responsible for giving you that chic touch that your home needs.

Its light and soft flames will give you a cozy touch, illuminating your room with soft orange tones, and making your room radiate sensuality.

Don’t worry about the kids. Don’t worry about the pets. This new electric, smokeless, fireless fireplace is totally safe.

As if this fireplace wasn’t amazing enough, it also has a new feature that has 2 heating levels.

Feel comfortable in your home, and enjoy the wonderful advantages this fireplace has to offer.



It is free of fire and smoke. Thus, it is very safe for you, and also prevents you from polluting the environment.
Adaptable to 2 heating levels up to 1800 W.


It is small
It can consume a lot of light.


What are they and how do they work?

First of all you must take into account that its main function is for decorative use, and it is not able to replace a traditional one completely, although it serves as a support to provide heating. Its appearance is of fictitious logs, charcoal and wood, its flames and embers work through an animation that gives you the appearance of real fire, through a LED screen or glass, depending on its manufacture.

Their size varies according to manufacturers, so you can choose one that fits the space of your home or studio. They are easy to install, you only have to plug and regulate the electrical power you want and the intensity of heat you want to receive.

Types of electric stoves

  1. Mobile: They are small in size, giving the ability to move them from one place to another easily, they are models similar to stoves and their design is very versatile for decoration.
  2. Fixed or standing: They can be placed to fit to walls or placed on very flat floors, matching your decor. They are easy to use and because they are the most common models, they are affordable.
  3. Recessed: They integrate into walls, choosing the height you want. They are customizable, some models even produce music, giving a higher quality and elegance to the space. Their power is limited.

How to choose an electric fireplace?

  • Appearance: As they are decorative elements, try to choose one that matches the place where you are going to install it.
  • Power and consumption: If in addition to a nice decoration you want to air condition your home, check that the power offered by the fireplace suits your needs. Also, you must take into account the amount of electricity consumption it has, since it is usually a costly service.
  • Size and type: Designate in advance the place where you will place the fireplace as well as the type you prefer, this will indicate the measures you need.
  • Extra properties: In the market you will find brands that will provide you with other features to make the use of the fireplace more comfortable, such as remote controls, moving image without heat supply, thermostat control modes and other customizable options.

Advantages of using electric stoves

  • Easy to install and snap to the wall to save space.
  • Designs adaptable to any decorating style.
  • Portable models are available for your convenience.
  • They do not generate dirt, smoke or residues.
  • They are safe, because the fire you see is fake. Perfect if you have children at home.

We hope our suggestions have helped you, now you just have to review the models and select the fireplace that best suits what you are looking for.