Lifesmart 3 Element 1500 Sq Ft Review

The Lifesmart 3 element Infrared heater is built in a contemporary tower cabinet design and a suave black exterior which will capture your sight right away! This heater consumes 5100 BTUs to heat a 1500s.ft. area living space. This brand offers ETL listed models that are safe around children and pets alike. The power consumption specifications are a 110Volt 1500 watt plug and a 15 Amp circuit which are widely used in US. Built with low/high/ECO energy settings and a12 hour programmable timer, Lifesmart could be right choice for your supplementary heating solution for your home or office.

Power:  (3.5 / 5)
Durability:  (4 / 5)
Exterior:  (3.5 / 5)
Features:  (4 / 5)
Warranty:  (4 / 5)


ECO mode maintains temperature constantly at 68ºF while using 500W power. Digital display can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius as per requirement. Portable and easy to operate with Child lock safety feature on display panel.
Manual says 5100 BTUs is used to heat but in reality uses up 5300BTUs and it is not designed for damp or laundry areas and outdoors.



  • Energy requirement of 5100BTUs to heat up 1500sq.ft space.
  • Black colour tower cabinet design
  • ETL listed models
  • Requires a 15 Amp circuit  and a 110 Volt 1500 Watt plug
  • High/Low/ECO modes for heat emission.
  • 3 infrared quartz elements.
  • Digital display for thermostat readings.
  • 12 hours Adjustable Timer
  • Air filters usable for lifetime
  • 365 days parts warranty


I purchased LifeSmart-3W-BPIQT-IN as a supplemental source for my bedroom that has a high ceiling after much research. The tower cabinet design helps heat up the whole room effectively and a quick blast of heat is emitted with 1500w power to make things warm for you. This is especially useful when I return home after a weekend outing and need my living space heated up within a short span of time.

I thoroughly read the manual first before installing the heater and this proved useful. For instance It was mentioned right at the end of the manual to get registered at right after the purchase and that is when the 1 year manufacturer warranty is valid. A lot of other frequently faced problems while installation was clearly outlined in the manual as well.

Towards the end of the manual is a useful replacement parts list so that we can contact the technical support team in case of any component replacement. You will find this list does not include the power cord that would be replaced in case of any signs of melting at the contact point of the wall outlet. But, I never had a situation when I had to ask for power cord replacement. And I doubt that that this issue would prop up in near future. Given that the parts are ETL certified and rated safe up to 105ºC or 221ºF, I guess there is nothing to worry about.

The thermostat in the heater should be set at a higher temperature than the room temperature. That is when the heater starts heating up. Initially, it was difficult to learn to set the thermostat of my infrared heater. But with time, I understood that the heater’s thermostat shows reading close to the heater and is prone to be higher than the wall thermostat. But this does not mean that the heater leaves cold pockets or does uneven heating. In fact, the couch and the other furniture in my room are now perfectly warm and comfortable.

One aspect I like about this heater is the glow display of almost all working components, including the power switch, mode toggles, timer indicator as well as all the infrared tubes that glow when the heater is on in high power mode. This makes it very simple to understand that we are rightly operating the heater even for a novice.

The air filter in the sides needs cleaning once in 3 months or when the air flow is blocked, neither of which has happened  luckily yet for me. So I have no idea about filter cleaning as of now.

Built with a sleek exterior and portable model, this infrared heater is sure to provide you efficient and healthy heating supplement. Find below the tabled specifications of the product.

Height(inches) 18
Width (inches) 8.6
Depth (inches) 13
Weight (lbs) 17.2
Heating method 3 Infrared Quartz Elements
Thermostat Yes with timer
Digital Display Yes
Remote Yes
Made in China
Manufacturer Warranty (US/Canada) 1 Year
Money Back Guarantee No
Heating Area max 1200 Sq.Ft
Energy Consumption (BTU) max 5100
Wattage max 1500W
Amps 15
Outlet Conventional – 110V
Safety/Additional Features Tip-Over shutoff
Certification ETL listed
Other Accessories Yes (Refer to Next Tab)
Exterior Finish Plastic
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor, Not suitable for Laundry area/Damp places
Portability No