Duraflame 9HM9126-O142 Portable Heater Reviews

The Duraflame Williams Portable Heater is a smart choice of a portable heater for your house. As an able supplement to your regular heating system, it is easy to operate and requires no installation. Its concealed casters are on par with mainstream furniture and aids in easy movement of the heater around your house. The Duraflame Williams Portable Heater heats up to 1000sqft easily while also bringing in substantial savings in your utility bills. In short, it will be a perfect choice for anybody who wants to heat a small room at minimal cost.

Power:  (4 / 5)
Durability:  (4 / 5)
Exterior:  (4 / 5)
Features:  (5 / 5)
Warranty:  (4 / 5)

Quick and even heating, easy plug-and-play, almost noiseless operation, in-built electronic display as well as remote control, moist heat does not affect oxygen levels or indoor humidity, 3 year warranty

Requires frequent cleaning of filters, takes more time to cool un-insulated rooms, noise could trouble light sleepers, bulky size can make it inconvenient for small rooms.


The Dura flame Williams Portable Heater has been rated as one of the best in its category by consumer reports and the feedback coming in from actual users has also substantiated the same. We have found that the levels of satisfaction are almost universally high, with many users recommending a second purchase as well. It also scores high on safety and durability, with good savings on utility costs across homes and offices.


The Dura flame Williams Portable Heater needs no installation and it is a simple plug-and-use electric heater. It comes fully assembled and can be easily moved around our homes with its concealed caster wheels. Independent testing agencies such as Intertek have come out with their reports establishing the capabilities of this heater to cater to rooms up to a 1000sqft in area. As a secondary heater, it quickly and efficiently heats the room with warm moist air that is re-circulated through an inbuilt filter to reduce ambient dust and impurities. Its copper heat exchangers also help maintain indoor humidity as compared to other standard heaters and would therefore make it very comfortable to use year round!


The appliance requires only basic precautions as is common with other electrical devices such as proper electrical grounding and circulation of air around the unit. It can be moved to all parts of our homes except moist or damp areas and near inflammable items. It is safe to be used around children and pets since the exteriors always remain cool to touch. The hot air is blown out only from the vents in front, which automatically discourages very close proximity, and thereby decreasing the indoor hazards.


With an exterior shell made of solid hardwood and wood veneers, the heater is not only attractive to look at but can also withstand extensive usage. An automatic overload shut-off along with the timer maintains the temperature in the room over extended periods of time, while helping save on energy costs. The six infrared quartz heating elements alone have a life of over 20,000 hours. The manufacturers have included a 3 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects, which is one of the best in the industry.


The digital display on the unit and the remote control can both be used to operate the heater. Starting with turning the appliance on or off, to setting the temperature, to regulating the display and operating the timer are all possible with either option. The display can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit. The default temperature is 72 degrees F, with a range of 50 – 97 degrees. The 9 timer functions also help control the heating as per our personal preferences. Unlike other heaters, the unit remembers the last set temperature and does not get automatically reset to default temperatures each time it is turned off and on. The factory reset can only be manually carried out, which prevents dangers of over-heating or under-heating.


The Dura flame Williams Portable Heater has greater appeal to a broad cross-section of users based on the parameters of performance, looks and safety, and is more than worth the investment in it. We have found the heater even pays for itself within just a few years. While individual users have reported different ratings based on their floor area, insulation and other personal preferences, very few have needed to actually use the warranty – which is a very good record. We are therefore pleased to give the Dura flame Williams Portable Heater an overall rating of 4 on 5.

Width(inches) 14.5
Depth(inches) 19.4
Height(inches) 17.8
Weight (lbs) 41
Heating method 6 Infrared heating elements
Thermostat Yes with Timer
Digital Display Yes
Remote Yes
Made in USA
Manufacturer Warranty (US/Canada) 3 Years
Money Back Guarantee No
Heating Area max 1000 Sq.Ft
Energy Consumption (BTU) max 5200
Wattage max 1500W
Amps 12.5
Outlet Standard – 110V
Safety/Additional Features Auto Shut Off
Certification Independent testing by Intertek
Other Accessories No
Exterior/Finish Solid hardwood and wood veneers
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Portability Yes, with caster wheels

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