Duraflame 7HM1000 Review

Duraflame 1000W quartz heater (model no 7HM1000) is the new generation portable infrared heater that is cost effective and efficient. With a net weight of just 21.16lbs and quality wheels that roll in any direction, this infrared is the ideal heating solution to heat up a space upto 600sq.ft. With a width of 11.5 inches, depth of 16.69 in and height of 15.16in, this heater is absolutely compact for a smaller household.

Power:  (5 / 5)
Durability:  (4 / 5)
Exterior:  (4.5 / 5)
Features:  (4 / 5)
Warranty:  (4 / 5)
Duraflame heaters come with high efficiency air filters that provide healthier air. Equipped with 4 infrared heating elements with lifetime of over 20000 hours, it has been lab tested and certified by Interek.
At the lowest heat setting, the heater does not heat effectively.


  • Duraflame uses 3400 BTUs to heat up an area of upto 600 sq.ft.
  • Total watts usage is 1000watts.
  • The heater is CSA and ETL listed.
  • Portable and sleek version with quality wheels to move in any direction.
  • 4 infrared heating elements used for heating.
  • Healthy heating that gives soft heat without reducing oxygen.
  • Economical and easy on energy bill
  • This heater comes with a effective zone heating feature.


Portability is the biggest advantage of Duraflame 7HM1000. It is convenient, sleek and a mini infrared heater that suits your living space. My living space cannot be heated up with a single standalone heater, because of the walls and interior designing. Furniture and fittings around the living room also needs to be heated up for me to keep whole house heated up. Now that requires a lot of power consumption and not advisable if you are looking at saving energy and money. But with this mini heater in my rooms which provides for zone heating, I find it very convenient to just warm up the places I most often use. And the best part is my cat kattie is very comfortable around Duraflame as well. She likes the soft and moist heat and sometimes sleeps near the heater. You can imagine how quiet the heater must be running!

The air that is sucked in for heating goes through copper coils and gets heated up without reducing oxygen. This means that the air is healthy and does not send out dry heat. With the earlier heater, because of the heat or the air filters not being effective, I sometimes used to feel itchy if I sit too close to the heater. Now with Duraflame, I am totally comfortable. The air filter is also very convenient to remove and clean. I just have to remove the outer cover and the life time effective filter is right there, placed  right behind the back cover for us to remove and clean.

My wife works from home twice a week and uses a particular large wooden desk that sentimentally means a lot to her. Duraflame is so convenient that I just dragged and placed it under the desk. It heats up the desk as well and makes the place cozy for her to work comfortably.

She once dropped a paper weight and there was not much damage. On a lighter note, I would not recommend that to anyone but I was amazed how durable the exterior of the heater. We have a basement with a tools store room there. And during Christmas, my kids just took this heater downstairs to stay warm when they worked there.

My mom moved with me for 3 months to recover from her knee surgery last winter. I provided her the guest room and to make it more comfortable, I did place the Duraflame heater there. Because we do not use the guest room often, it was quite damp and cold. Though I thoroughly cleaned up the place before her visit, I still found the place smelling damp. That is the time when this heater really worked like magic. The heating was so even, that the dampness in air vanished within few hours and room really felt good which made my mom happy.

Particularly after knee surgeries, it is necessary to keep the patients warm because exposing to lower temperatures can cause more stiffness in the joints and delay the healing process. But this heater solved the problem quite well for me. And the extra heating left me surprised when my energy bill did not hike up to a greater extent.

I would suggest Duraflame to anyone looking to heat and comfort their living space without actually wasting energy. Duraflame is ideal for offices, living rooms, bedroom, garage, green house and even basements. If your requirement is to provide cozy and safe heating, Duraflame 7HM1000 is the ideal choice to trim your energy bill.

Height(inches) 15.16
Width (inches) 11.5
Depth (inches) 16.69
Weight (lbs) 21
Heating method 4 Infrared heating elements
Thermostat Yes but no Timer
Digital Display No
Remote Yes
Made in USA
Manufacturer Warranty (US/Canada) 1 Year
Money Back Guarantee No
Heating Area max 600 Sq.Ft
Energy Consumption (BTU) max 3400
Wattage max 1000W
Amps 8.3
Outlet Standard – 120V
Safety/Additional Features Zone Heating
Certification CSA and ETL listed
Other Accessories No
Exterior/Finish Steel
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Portability Yes, with wheels