Dr Infrared Heater Dr968 review


Dr.Infrared Heater, a leading brand engineered and built in USA is the ideal choice with its dual heating system to effectively heat a space upto 1000 sq.ft with 1500 watts power. Built with a modular exterior and a inner galvanised body, Dr.Infrared is the ideal supplemental heat source that provides 60% more heat for your living space. This heater is completely portable and the caster wheels can smoothly carry the 25lbs weight around your house. The heat from this heater is both soft and effective to heat large spaces as it uses both infrared and PTC elements for heating.

Power:  (4 / 5)
Durability:  (4 / 5)
Exterior:  (4 / 5)
Features:  (5 / 5)
Warranty:  (4.5 / 5)
portable and easy to handle. Ready to use installation. provides 60% more heat with dual heating system – infrared and PTC elements. Listed in USA and Canada by UL. Highly safe and best suited for bigger rooms.
Heater sometimes emits a bad odour immediately after it was switched on. This is possibly due to the ceramic and aluminium elements that react with the air particles.


  • Powerful heating supplement that provides 60% more heat
  • The heater suits any home decor
  • Dr. Infrared uses both PTC and Infrared heating technology.
  • Provides quick, powerful and soft heat like sunlight.
  • Very ideal for active homes.


Dr Infrared heater uses both infrared as well as PTC heating technology and this provides dual heating. Infrared is more like a sunlight type of heating that is soft and gently warms us. Whereas PTC heating is done when the air passes ceramic and aluminium heating elements and then a powerful fan would push the hot air outside.

Dr Infrared uses both these technologies to provide heating. That means it has both the advantages. Initially it did take some time for my family to get used to the fan running. Though not loud and noisy, the fan has to blow to let the heat come out. And that cannot be avoided. Our heater is placed in bedroom and when its pin drop silence around; the fan sound could be heard. So it does make a consistent blow noise that you will eventually get used to. Though the product claims a noise level of 39dB, it is definitely not noise free. But when I placed the heater in our drawing room where the house was active with TV and kids, I almost forgot the heater placed there. It is that quiet.

Unlike convection heaters that provide long term heat by circulating air, these heaters provide quick heat by passing air through glowing infrared tubes and PTC elements. The moisture in the air is maintained. Ever since we brought home Dr Infrared, we have healthy warm air comforting us at all times when we need them. Because of the dual heating, I believe this heater requires 5200  BTUs. That is pretty much more than what other heaters use in the market that use around 3100-3400 BTUs. I expected a hike in my energy bill, but that was very efficiently handled by the automatic thermostat that constantly keeps a check on the highest temperature that we need in the room.  The electronic thermostat has a range of 65 to 86 degrees and we can set the temperature accordingly. The moment the necessary heat range is touched, it automatically shuts down and helps save power. The cord for the heater is 72” long and that was very convenient for me. I could just gently drag the heater across the room without having to search for a conventional 3 prong outlet. In my garage I do have an 110v outlet. So I used Dr. Infrared there as well. So, for me I would say it works well.

One of my colleagues, who owns the same heater, told me that the wooden finish of the heater collects mould and smells, if left unused for long time. He happened to leave the heater in a damp place for months. So this product is definitely not to be left in damp places and outdoors unattended for long. In case you want to heat your basement, just use it for time being and put it back in your bedroom, drawing room or kitchen where it rightly belongs. If you plan to leave the heater in kitchen, I would suggest you check the smoke exhaust for maximum efficiency. Because this heater is very effective and would just suck the air around along with the smoke hanging around. That is not a very healthy heat to stay in. So, just be careful!

If you want best results, place the heater in an elevated position and not on the ceramic floor. This will ensure that your carpet or ceramic flooring does not absorb all the heat.

  • Technical Specifications
Height(inches) 16
WIdth (inches) 13
Depth (inches) 14
Heating method Infrared + PTC
Thermostat Yes
Digital Display Yes
Remote Yes
Manufacturer Warranty (US/Canada) 3 Years
Made In USA
Heating Area max 1000 Sq.Ft
Power Used 5200 BTU’s
Wattage 1500W
Amps 12.5
Outlet Conventional – 110V
Blower Fan Yes
Cord Length 72″
Certification UL
Dust Cover/Jacket No
Exterior Finish Wood + Galvanised Steel
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor, Not suitable for Laundry area/Damp places
Portability Yes with wheels

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