Comfort Furnace 1500xwt-uv review

Tuscan Walnut Comfort furnace infrared heater is a 2012 model and comes with a box typed design in the infrared series. Comfort furnace is known for versatile heating solutions and this Tuscan walnut finish model is ideal if you want a cool look for your living room.  This heater heats area up to 1000 sq.ft with 4 effective infrared quartz heating elements. The heater comes with a 3 year factory warranty and a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee for buyers who may rarely feel dissatisfied with this product.

Power:  (4 / 5)
Durability:  (4 / 5)
Exterior:  (4 / 5)
Features:  (5 / 5)
Warranty:  (4.5 / 5)


Tuscan walnut exterior matches any home decor. Provides even heat from floor to ceiling without leaving cold pockets. A special UV filter of Philips. It comes with stainless steel heat diffuser that gives 14% more heat.

In certain pieces HVAC sync and timers do not operate efficiently. Draws up ample power and might trip if any other heavy appliance is working along with it.


  • Enhanced copper ionization to provide effective heating
  • Electronic timer to delay heating and automatic shut off
  • Louvers that can be directed to suit heating needs
  • UV filters to provide healthy heating
  • Model comes with an upgraded remote that operates the heater.


I bought this Tuscan walnut model few months back. I should say I was really charmed by its perfect finish and looks initially. My home is 1800 sq.ft inclusive of the sit out. My main heating requirement is for the living room and the open kitchen that it opens to. For the bedrooms I use smaller heaters and do not need supplement heating equipment. So I was effectively looking for a heater that would heat up 1050 sq.ft area. But I was not sure which heater to pick because without dividing walls or wooden fixtures to divide the living space and kitchen, it is a pretty large area that needs to be heated.

But Comfort furnace has been doing it quite well as per my observation. We have a clerestory window in kitchen. Once I happened to reach it and was quite surprised to find it also warmed up. The greatest plus is the heat is definitely evenly distributed at all times.

Philips UV air filter is a feature that am quite happy about. The heat exchanger destroys pathogens and microbes and gives pure air. The filter removes heavy filth from air like dust and clumps. I was impressed with this feature because my pet is greatly benefitted by it. He was showing signs of tuberculosis and with this heater in place; he has started showing signs of improvement in his health. My vet feels that the UV filter could have helped him because otherwise there has not been exposed to other change in the environment.

This heater is not very effective in the outdoors according to manuals and that is a drawback if you want to use this heater outdoors. Other than that, when I happened to move the heater close to a window, the HVAC sync did not quite work effectively. So I believe it has to be placed in the same place where the room thermostat is, so that the temperature sync can naturally happen.

I have connected my heater in a conventional 3 pin outlet and so far I had no tripping problems with my heater. Using a 15 amps outlet does not create any problem for my household.

I have placed the heater on a slightly elevated position and adjusted the louvers so that i can direct the heat to faraway places also. But this did not lead to any uneven heating right below the heater where my pet sleeps.

  • Technical Specifications
Height(inches) 13.1
Width (inches) 14.1
Depth (inches) 18.2
Heating method 4 Infrared Tubes
Thermostat Yes with Auto Sync Function
Digital Display Yes
Remote Yes
Manufacturer Warranty (US/Canada) 3 Years
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Heating Area 1000 Sq.Ft Approx.
Power Used 5200 BTU’s
Wattage 1500W
Amps 12.5
Outlet Conventional – 110V
UV Filter Yes
Cord Length 72″
Certification UL
Other Accessories No
Exterior Finish Tuscan Walnut
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor, Not suitable for Laundry area/Damp places
Portability Yes with wheels


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